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ROOR® Custom Worked Hand Pipe Smokey Gray Chillum Set Color Swirl


The ROOR® Worked Hand Pipe & Chillum Set features a glass spoon-style pipe that is about 5½" long with a matching one-hitter Chillum at about 4 ¼".

This beautiful hand pipe is made of thick, heavy-duty glass and has an incorporated carb hole on the left side of the bowl, giving you full control of every hit.

The matching Chillum includes a fixed ash catcher to keep sessions smooth with no smoke debris or ash in your mouth. The one-hitter pipe is perfect for travel or those tokes on the go.


  • (1) ROOR® Custom Worked Hand Pipe Smokey Gray with Swirl Colors
  • (1) ROOR® Custom Worked Chillum One-Hitter Smokey Gray with Swirl Colors

Production/Shipping Estimate 3-8 days.


The product image serves only as an example. The colors and arrangement of the color applications may differ due to the handcraftsmanship. We reserve the right to give our glass artists creative freedom, which is the only way to ensure the creation of the highest quality unique glass specimens.

!WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals, including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to