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Roor Ninety Nine

Over the years, Roor has built a well-known reputation for developing high-quality products that display 100% perfection. Every piece produced by Roor goes through an extensive inspection process to ensure that not only does the glassware meet the high-quality functional standards, but it also flawless in appearance. With such high standards in both function and appearance, occasionally some pieces do not meet our high-quality standards. Any piece that has a functional flaw is immediately discards due to Roors refusal to sacrifice a customers smoking experience under any circumstances. However, after consideration Roor has decided to offer the Ninety Nine line.The Ninety Nine line are highly quality functional glass pieces that contains a small visual flaw or blemish. Each piece that is deemed as a Ninety Nine piece is marked with the Ninety Nine logo and all imperfection are disclosed. A Ninety Nine piece may contain a scratch on the glass, a blemish in the logo, or uneven sandblasting. What you will not find is cracks, imperfect angles, or a different quality of glass, the imperfection are visual only and with never interfere with the performance the piece. Since these pieces are not consider 100% perfect we here are Roor do not expect our customers to pay full price. Each Ninety Nine piece will come with a substantial discount ranging from 10% to 45% discount. If you have ever wanted a original high quality Roor piece but it is out of your price range then the new Ninety Nine line may be right for you. Our Ninety Nine line is exclusively available at