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Collectors Set - ROOR® Strains Pineapple Express 18” Beaker 50x5 & Matching Pineapple Express Ashcatcher 14mm

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Introducing the ROOR® Strains Collection: Pineapple Express Collector’s Set.

This set showcases the exquisite Pineapple Express OG, seamlessly integrated into the iconic 18-inch ROOR® Beaker. Crafted with precision, it boasts a 50mm diameter and 5mm thickness for durability. The vibrant mouthpiece, functional ice notches, and bowl accentuate its elegance. Each piece is adorned with a unique sandblasted design that extends from the top to the base, complemented by a sandblasted downstem and bowl for a cohesive look.

The collection also features the Pineapple Express OG tailored for the classic ashcatcher. Standing at approximately 4.5 inches tall, it features a robust 45mm x 5mm body made from German Duran Schott Glass, designed with a 45° angled arm. The ashcatcher includes a 14.5mm bistable male joint that connects to a 14.5mm female bistable joint. Completing the design, the body, downstem, and bowl are all meticulously sandblasted to match the beaker, creating a harmonious and sophisticated set.

Collectors Set Includes:

  • (1) ROOR® Strains Pineapple Express OG 18” Beaker 50mm x 5mm Fully Sandblasted Beaker Body.
  • (1) ROOR® Sandblasted matching design Reducing Low-Profile 18mm/14mm Open-Ended Downstem.
  • (1) ROOR® Sandblasted matching design 14.5mm Color Rim Bowl.
  • (1) ROOR® Box.
  • (1) ROOR® Authentication Seal *Attached to Tube.
  • (1) ROOR® Strains Pineapple Express O.G Ash Catcher 14.5mm Joint 45mm x 5mm 45° angle. 
  • (1) ROOR® Sandblasted matching design Classic Bowl 14.5mm.
  • (1) ROOR® Sandblasted matching design 14mm/14mm Open Ended Downstem.
  • (1) ROOR® Authentication Seal * Attached to Ash-Catcher.

Production/Shipping Estimate 2-5 weeks.

The product image serves only as an example. The colors and arrangement of the color applications may differ due to the handcraftsmanship. We reserve the right to give our glass artists creative freedom, which is the only way to ensure the creation of the highest quality unique glass specimens.


!WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to